About these poems

I have written these poems whenever I got time here and there. I am no professional writer and consider poems as a way to get my emotions on paper.

The main blog aka. blag is at xypnox.com/blag. I have replicated some of the poems published on the blog here. I plan to publish future poems here to keep the blog clean and specific to prose.

Some of these poems are based on events in my life while some are pure figments of imagination.

The dates attached with the poems are the last dates I could find that relate to the poem, they might have been written before that date.

The source for the website is available at: github.com/xypnox/poems.

The images used in the blog were taken from : Unsplash. The url of the images contains the ID of the image used. Grayscale filter has been applied to images for aesthetic appeal.